Reign Energy Drink Six Flavors

Monster Beverage just Released it’s new Brand called Reign Energy Drink with Six Flavors, in order to compete with other energy drinks on the market such as Bang. Bang hit the energy drink market hard! you’ll know that Monster and Bang do not get along. Monster has tried to sue VPX pharmaceuticals, they still have one pending lawsuit going on.
Reign energy drink
entry into the market. It started with the original amplifier timeless and irresistibly tasty. This was one of energy drinks that separated from the standard flavor of energy drinks, and in hindsight it was ahead of its time. The manufacturers of beverages to this day have difficulties producing energy drinks with a flavor as wonderful as that of soft drinks. The Amp line evolved rapidly with the addition of another 5 variations and a couple of recent additions of tea. The alignment does not have a bad taste drink, but a lack of energy that affects each and every one of them.

The Reign energy drink offers are also unique in the sense that each drink has its own unique and pleasant flavor, not just a special flavor on a familiar flavor basis. Actually, this is a fairly uncommon feature in most energy drink collections that exist. Unfortunately, the energy offers are mediocre at best. It is not uncommon to drink one of these drinks and not feel anything. To count the number of Rip-It flavors available, you may only need to check out a calculator.

Reign Energy Drink Six Flavors:

  1. Lemon HDZ – was like a Sprite
  2. Melon mania – One of my favorites. You can really taste the melon.
  3. Sour apple – Def one of the better ones IMHO.
  4. Carnival candy – Tasted like eating just the marshmallows from Lucky Charms.
  5. Razzle berry – Kinda reminded me of the berry flavored medicine you’d give kids.
  6. Peach fizz – I didn’t really like this one, had a strong aftertaste.


Lemon HDZ

Lemon HDZ is very popular with locals and lemon lovers out of state. They receive their Florida fruit baskets from family and friends during the holidays and for special occasions that make their special event very special. These sweet, seedless, well-rounded lemons have comparatively thick skins. They get their character and distinctive appearance from the dimple away from the end of the stem. This lower end resembles a human navel, which makes them different from other varieties, hence their name.

Melon Mania

Melon mania are juicy and the juice is so sweet, that it can ferment relatively quickly. Customers all over the world treasure the Florida melon mania drinks, one of the sweetest, which are grown abundantly in Florida because of their popularity and firmness. It is a hardy tree that produces fully developed juicy, with segments of sweet flesh that are given to the family.

Sour apple

Now, people around the world are more aware of their health by eating healthy foods, and are adding more fiber and high-energy fruits to their diets. This is where Sour apple drinks shine. They provide a very good source of vitamin C to youth and adults alike. Decorate your meals and snacks, lunches, salads and desserts every day with these abundant fruits. If you do not mind that, then a refreshing drink is all you need and will quench your thirst after a few drinks.

Carnival candy

Carnival candy is so popular that connoisseurs of flavors from around the world believe they are the best tasting drink. The flesh is meaty (seedless pulp full of juice) makes it a pleasure to sink your teeth into the flesh and let the juices flow through your mouth, enjoying every drop. Children love carnival candy from Florida because the segments are easier to separate and enjoy the delight without a doubt.

Razzle berry

You can enjoy this wonderful Razzle berry flavor from Florida every day. These are abundant as the year comes to an end, the holiday season, when you decorate your table at home colorful for family and friends who come to visit.

Peach fizz

During the high season, with an abundant harvest of fully ripe peaches, sweet as sugar and at reasonable prices, most could afford, especially during the holidays, appreciate and enjoy this gift of the season and improve their energy with an injection of juice of Peach fizz. The normal season is October, November, December and January. Get your fill today!

Send some of these drinks to family, friends or acquaintances. You will surely enjoy your flavors as a surprise gift. All sizes are available. Choose your package, box, bowl or basket, and let your family know how much you are thinking about the season or any special birthday or celebration. All convenient sizes are available for shipping anywhere you want!

Both the sugar and the salt of the ‘table’ would be considered an insane concept for many if today we analyze what is the final result on your table or in your cabinet. These final products were originally taken from their complete sources of sea salt and pure cane sugar, which had a large amount of minerals and life in a naturally balanced package. Then, they were reduced to cause a powerful and non-cushioned stress kick to the body.

How is optimal health, how does it feel?

To have constant energy throughout the day, to be able to think clearly, to constantly feel good in your body and maintain happy and balanced moods; to enjoy more peace and satisfaction in your relationships within each level of your life. To wake up every day in advance and always expect something good in every corner; Trust that from the hardest times good will reign. That is good health.

Do Reign energy drinks really exist?

If you listen to all the ads for these products that are everywhere these days, you’d probably be led to believe these are wholesome liquids that are very good for you. The drinks themselves are heavily marketed to high school and college students, as well as to athletes. Some schools are even selling them in vending machines. But are they really good for you, or should you keep yourself (and your kids!) well away from these new-fangled liquids?

Energy Drinks Keep You Alert but do they have Drawbacks?

The fact is, these drinks do give you energy and help you to remain alert, which can be beneficial for college students who have a tendency to stay out partying all night and then get up and go to class early the next morning. Some of them have added nutrients to make them appear healthier. However, despite their small list of benefits, there are many drawbacks to these so-called “Reign energy drink.”

The Downsides of Energy Drinks

Most of them contain a lot of caffeine and sugar, which is not what your body needs for sustained energy. You’ll feel perky for a bit, and then crash hard. Some brands also contain additional stimulants such as guarana and even ephedrine. If you drink too much of one of these brands, you could end up in the hospital.  These also really can be dangerous if you are mixing them with alcohol as well as alcohol has the opposite affect (it slows your body down).

All the caffeine also promotes dehydration and sleeplessness. You’ll usually feel pretty jittery after drinking them, too. You can actually suffer from caffeine intoxication if you drink more than a couple of these beverages, and that can impair your driving just as much as alcohol. Plus, all that caffeine and sugar wreaks havoc on your blood sugar and adrenal glands. You really want to avoid this if you can.

Do Reign energy drink Exist?

So, are there Reign energy drink? Yes, there are, but you won’t find them in a store, at least not a regular one. You might find a few in health food stores. However, the best sources are direct marketing companies, such as the company that sells Viv (a legitimate Reign energy drink). You can find beverages that provide stamina and real health benefits by looking online. Give them a try, and you’ll see the difference right away. Your body will thank you.

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